Shooting Locations

In addition to my photography studio in Callander, I have a handful of locations within the City that I have chosen over the years for their abundance of beautiful light at any given time of day and their uniqueness. These are locations where we can turn in a full circle, shooting in any direction, and use a multitude of different backdrops. Each location has it’s own “style” to it. It’s own unique look and feel. Each client has their own unique vision and perspective and use for their portraits, I always recommend that they choose a location that will best complement their home and personal style… A location that will help to bring out their true personalities! Please browse through below and see which location jumps out at you the most!

The Meadow

The Meadow is a little gem of a location that I stumbled across one night on a family walk. It features long grass, a weeping willow, and depending on the time of year, wild flowers and ferns.

For being located smack dab in the middle of the City, it is surprisingly private, which makes it the best choice for maternity sessions involving outfit changes.

If you are looking for a natural location and happen to have your session booked for 9:30 a.m., chances are it will be held in The Meadow, as this is where I find the best light at that time of day.

The Arboretum

Located in the heart of Barrie, The Arboretum lends itself possibly to the widest number of different photographic backdrops of any of my other locations. However, I tend to have my favourite spots within this location that reflect my own personal style.

This location boasts elaborate flowerbeds that change with the seasons. The grounds are filled with bright yellow dandelions and buttercups earlier in the year, giving way to purple wild flowers, and then black eyed Susans later in the summer. Gravel pathways and a multitude of different varieties of trees are scattered throughout the location.

My own personal favourite spot here is a big clearing that is surrounded by trees on all sides. There is so much space for families to play and connect, which makes it easy for me to document all of those sweet candid moments!

The Beach

There are actually two beach locations that I frequent, and which one I decide to use completely depends on what time of day your session is booked. Both locations feature a small, quiet, private beach nestled amongst trees, which makes for a more visually diverse photography session!

If you think that you’d love to have photos surrounded by foliage, pathways, beach sand and water and don’t mind the kiddos or the entire family getting a little wet and dirty at the end of your session, then choose The Beach!

The Alley

Is your family a little more trendy? Your home a little more modern in decor? Want a little less nature, a little more man-made texture?

The Alley is located Downtown Barrie. I do not recommend it for clients who have mobility issues, as there is a lot of walking involved during these sessions as we cover a lot of ground, from my favourite back alley to metal staircases, utilizing the various forms of architecture available as backdrops, and making our way down to the waterfront to make use of the various structures available there. Once at the waterfront, we can then incorporate a little bit of nature as well to help balance the session out.

The plus side of using The Alley? You can walk to any number of awesome downtown eateries when you’re finished your session to reward yourself for a job well done! 😉

The Field

The Field is the one location that changes weekly. Early in the year, the grasses are still low, the buds are just coming out on the trees, the overall feel of images are light green and airy. By the end of June and early July, the grass is tall and the field is dotted with yellow and purple wild flowers. By late summer, early Fall, the whole landscape takes on a much warmer feel as the colours begin to turn more yellow/orange.

There are two features that remain constant that I love to utilize for portraits, and those are the hard packed dirt path and “The Rock”. Kids love the rock, especially those more adventurous ones who have a hard time sitting still on the pathway. Many times I will ask them to come and jump off the rock for me (with a parent standing nearby for safety, of course), and this usually helps them to loosen up and gives me a great opportunity to capture some truly awesome candid moments!